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Controllers The use of Fan Speed Controllers offers precise control within your ventilation set-up. It allows you to adjust and determine your fans' speeds, thus ensuring energy efficiency and a longer life to your fan motors.

Fan Units Whether  centrifugal, mixed flow or axial fans - our design team will develop fan systems to meet your requirements.

Filters All types of filters supplied - no minimum quantity. Filters are used in ventilation systems for protection against impurities and to ensure adequate indoor air quality for users in rooms with ventilation systems. The main parameter of air filters is impurity control efficiency with as low as possible obstruction to air flow.

Gas Interlock

These devices provide a failsafe to assist in maintaining kitchen safety. A gas interlock system restricts the flow of gas to cooking appliances until the ventilation system is on and working correctly.

Light Fittings LED Light Fittings give highest efficiency (Lumen/Watt) available in food service applications - higher light output: for a brighter, safer working environment.