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Baffle Grease Filters

Product Description

There is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens. The baffle grease filter accomplishes both needs through its clever design of interlocking baffles that provide a tortuous route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two rapid 180° air direction changes simultaneously. The grease molecules having a far greater inertial force than air, impact themselves on the vanes.

A series of vertical Stainless Steel vanes are housed in a channel frame, with each of the baffles strategically aligned to provide the highest potential for grease removal. Due to the smooth nature of the vanes the grease naturally runs downwards, through the drainage holes and into the collecting trays normally provided within the canopy holding casings.

The filters comply with the requirements of DW.172. Approved to DIN18869-5.

  • Heat, flame and grease proof
  • All filters come complete with handles
  • Easily cleaned in a dishwasher or by soaking or spraying

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